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Programming Mazak Turning Centers


Brief Overview:

The purpose of this class is to provide
part programming information using the
Mazatrol programming language on
Mazak turning centers.

The class room uses the Matrix Cam.


Machining and tooling experience on
turning centers.


Lunch will be provided.


Northwest Machine, Rogers, MN

Classroom Hours:

8:30 - 4:30


Day 1

Machine coordinate and programming coordinate
systems; Familiarization with Mazatrol functions and
program creation; Topics on Turning: Facing, Bar Out,
Unknowns Calculating, Tool Data, Drilling, Bar In

Day 2

Topics on Turning (continued): Threading, Tapping,
Groove, Bar Out, Copy, Material Shape, Unknowns
Calculating (continued), Bar Face, Bar Back, Tool Data
MMS; Manual Programming; Parameters and TPC
Functions; Factory Tour; Secondary Spindle

Day 3

Topics on Milling: Tool Data, C-Axis Coordinate, Point
Machining, Line Machining, Parameters and TPC
Functions, Arbitrary Shapes, Manual Programming,
Y-Axis Coordinate, Face Milling, Line Machining, Point Machining,
Pocket, ManualProgramming, Tornado Milling and Planet Tapping